What What have we learned?

Has it only been a week? It seems as if it was month shoved into a day. Last Monday morning was just another start to the work week till around lunch time and the news came on. With all that happened, perhaps now is the time to go over the high (and low) points as Eliot makes his Exit.

So, we have learned the following:


Melissa Gira Grant and Audacia Ray give great interview.

Now don’t you two get too evil about what you bring when you are invited on Bill O’Reilly.


Reason Magazine gets it.

They may be a bunch of compassion-challenged Objectivists over there, but we love them anyway.


Melissa Farley unfortunately still does not.

I’m sorry Dr. Farley, but the entire world cannot be shoe-horned into your own personal religion, no matter how hard you try.


Sex in the Public Square rocks.

Don’t you just love it when some one lives in the real world and talks sense?


MSNBC and The Dallas Observer are about as classy as a drunk pimp.

Maybe less.


For a great deal of the media, there is distinct sub-human species, referred to as , “hookers”, “escorts” or “call-girls” that does not have the same rights or value as “men” and “women”.

Pardon me Mr. Reporter, but have you looked in the mirror lately? You might see something rather ugly.


The New York Times can be counted on to uphold the highest standards – in yellow journalism.

I thought Rupert Murdoch bought the Wall Street Journal? But wait, WSJ actually challenged assumptions, not try to scoop the National Enquirer.


A thousand dollars per session is actually is quite cheap.

If all women were aware of the value of their sexual capital, men would be broke. Which may be why they are so scared of legalized sex work.


Nothing gets your music sold faster than a little scandal.

Britney Spears, meet your new agent, Heidi Fliess


Agencies suck.

“Yes Governor, we can arrange that for you, but can you provide references so we can properly screen you? Perhaps other prosecutors or a judge?”


And lastly, we now know more about the personal sexual desires of Eliot Spitzer than most of us ever wanted to know.

Which has half the country going “eww”, the other half signing up for one of Tristan Taormino‘s workshops, oh, and one in ten singing along to this song …


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  1. Being Amber Rhea » Blog Archive » links for 2008-03-20 Says:

    […] What What have we learned? « The Courtesan Connection “For a great deal of the media, there is distinct sub-human species, referred to as , ‘hookers’, ‘escorts’ or ‘call-girls’ that does not have the same rights or value as ‘men’ and ‘women’.” (tags: Spitzer media msm society stereotypes sexwork prostitution) […]

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