Links and Feeds – An Update for the Week (01 March 2008)

A brief note to update you on what has been accomplished this week.

The Link List / Blogroll continues to be updated as I find, verify, and add in what blogs and sites are still valid.  This is slow going as I have to type in or cut-and-paste in each link, the name for the link, and, if available, the RSS feed for the link.  (Those of you that do not put an RSS feed indicator on their site, or who make their entire blog title a graphic, without including the ALT information for Blind and Disabled web browsing, do not realize how difficult you make this.)

Also, though not strictly a Sex Work site or organization, I have added the RSS feed for Sex In The Public Square to feeds highlighted on this blog, as Sex In The Public Square provides a great deal of information on news, events, organizations, and activities of interest to Sex Workers and their supporters.  Please stop by their site and see the plethora of information they have assembled!

The not-apparent-to-the-reader work on format and organization of this site also continues.  I have a general structure that I have sent a draft of to a few people I trust for feedback.  While the goal remains for this blog to be transferred to a group better able to maintain and support it for the long term, I am committed to having it in a structured setup before transferring it, as I think that will be a significant issue for any new maintainer to have to take on.  Please be patient!


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