Hello all!

For those of you that still keep this blog on your list of links or feeds. Some news.

This post is by the Original Blogger of The Courtesan Connection.  Within the past few months, I have been presented with what I believe will lead The Courtesan Connection to be adopted as a permanent part of an established Sex Worker Organization.  While this is not fully in place as of yet, mostly due to my own sluggishness, once presented with this opportunity, I contacted the person who took the blog over last spring, and she very graciously transfered it back to me.

I want to thank her very much for the work she did to try to keep The Courtesan Connection going. I know she was not able to do as much as she wanted with it, but she did try, and that matters a great deal to me.

This blog has been about the community of Sex Workers and Sex Work bloggers, and really requires more work than can be reasonably expected of a single person, working on it part time, with their own blogs and obligations that take precedence. Having this blog under the auspices and direction of an Organization may make it less personal, but it also offers the chance for it to reach out to many more than it has, and bring to light more of the writing and experiences of those in the myriad of forms that Sex Work takes.

So, for now, do not expect any major changes or updates. I will try to post information as things progress along. But I will not promise you at this point anything happening on a regular schedule.

Hang in there, and thank you for keeping this blog noted.


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