Yehuda on Blogging

Yehuda (Gaming and Blogging in the Holy Land) has a great post on How I Became a Professional Blogger. He makes excellent points about content and technique – highly recommended! And for the more statistically-minded, his other post, Ten Lesser-Known Secrets of Blogging is also very good.


3 Responses to “Yehuda on Blogging”

  1. Benjamin Nicholas Says:


    Wondering how I would go about getting listed in your ‘Working Boys’ section.


    Benjamin Nicholas

  2. Serizy Says:

    Hello! How are you?!

    My blog “Diary of a [N]e[u]rotic Masseuse” is listed as “dying” but it’s not dying anymore!

    In other words, could you put it back in the North America section?


    Séverine Sérizy

  3. catwalq Says:

    Great blog…
    just wondering, u know any dc/ md based courtesans in need of a personal assistant.
    This career path, I cannot go into but assist someone in, I can…

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