Updated Blogroll

As we settle in to our new quarters here at Blogspot, we’ve redone the blogroll, making the categories more relevant and easy to access, as well as recategorizing dead and dying links.

Your Guide:

Cream of the Crop – these blogs are current, well-written, updated regularly and of significant interest. We’ll be featuring articles and links to these blogs regularly. Most of them are double-listed in their appropriate category below.

Working Girls and Boys – separated into North America and UK/Europe, these are blogs that promote the author’s sex work. Some authors are bookable through their blogs or through sites linked to their blogs. This category also includes Dommes.

Cliterati – blogs with a primarily literary focus, writing on sex, sexuality, and sex worker topics.

Sexplorers – women and men exploring their own sexuality, but who are not primarily sex workers.

Resources – websites and blogs with relevant information for sex workers and their clients.

Media – magazines, alternative papers and blogs that deal with topics of interest to sex workers and their clients.

Activists – Pro-woman and pro-sex-worker writers and sites.

Books and Articles – of interest to sex workers and their clients.

Dying Blogs – Have not been updated in 60 days.

We’ll also be occasionally featuring working girl personal advertising sites that are purely self-promotional rather than having literary merit, as it can be useful and interesting to see what’s going on in the field. If you have a favorite working girl ad site (independents only, please – we’ll take an agency only if it’s truly unique and special) that you think we’d all learn from, please submit!


One Response to “Updated Blogroll”

  1. Wanda Says:

    Cool new location! The great thing about Blogger is that you can post what you want and not have to bother with the geek computer stuff–such a bore, and such a waste of time if your life doesn’t revolve around sitting in front of a flat panel display.

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