The Sex Workers’ Art Show

A journal on a feminist blog about traveling with the Sex Workers’ Art Show:

The Student by Day/ Sex Worker by Night figure is as much a stereotype as The Happy Hooker; however, for several years I led this double life. My clients knew I was a student, it seemed to ease their guilt and even excite them but as a safe measure I always lied about which campus I attended. At school, I created a false after-school job to deceive my peers. When I signed up to tour with the Sex Workers’ Art Show I knew I’d be spending a month with burlesque dancer Julie Atlas Muz, homo hop artist Juba Kalamka, dancer/singer Simone De La Getto, author Michelle Tea, sex work matriarch Scarlot Harlot, performance artist Bridget Irish, the tour’s founder and director Annie Oakley, and three roadies. I knew we’d live out of suitcases. I knew about the long hours in the tour van. What surprised me was that fifteen of our twenty-eight shows were on college campuses. My double life was about to merge. Could sex work and student life actually come together?



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