Changing Addresses

OK – basically, as a busy person who also maintains other blogs, I don’t have the time and energy to learn how to use WordPress. So Courtesan Connection is moving to Blogspot, where I can get with the program and do weekly updates with joy and a right good will instead of dreading logging in and not understanding anything here or being able to get it to work.  I think the moving-related trauma will be more than compensated for by becoming a lively, active blog.

 This blog address will stay up for at least four more months to make sure everyone gets the message – I’ll also be contacting everyone on the blogroll about the change, so that the word gets out.

 Thanks, all, for your patience and see you at



5 Responses to “Changing Addresses”

  1. jade Says:

    boo hoo, did you take me off your links page?

    Good luck with the move..I love wordpress, but agree that Blogger is more user friendly.

  2. whilevegassleeps Says:

    I wouldn’t delete this blog, though.. you can use it to drive traffic to your new one. it takes awhile to get people’s links updated and get traffic going on a new site.. plus it takes google like 2-3 months to update pagerank so you’ll start ranking highly.

    -=- christopher

    my Las Vegas blog

  3. The Laughing Mistress Says:

    I’m w/ Jade on this one. What happened? I didn’t make the second cut? ; 0

    I also tried to e-mail, but the address was not correct?


  4. Courtesan Connection Says:

    I haven’t forgotten you on the blogroll! I spent a day checking all the links, and now I’m adding them in a batch at a time when I have time. So, apologies that you’re not in yet, but if you were on the old one, you’ll be on the new one, and I’ll probably post another batch next week. The email is working as far as I can tell – courtesan connection at gmail. Thanks, and sorry for the delay –


  5. Vancouver escorts Says:

    Yes wordpress seems as easy as using blogspot and your blog actually shows up highly in google results.

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