Yes, the previous post is a mess.

Does anyone else fucking hate fucking WordPress and its fucking annoying habit of posting whatever fucking format it fucking wants regardless of what I fucking type? Four tries, I’m done.

Will it kill this blog if I just move the goddamn thing over to Blogger?


5 Responses to “WordPress”

  1. compartments Says:

    Awww…don’t go to Blogger. WordPress is better by far. Besides, the only thing I can see wrong with your last post are some missing paragraph spaces. Just try cleaning up the format in the HTML view, deleting or adding and marks where necessary.

  2. Courtesan Connection Says:

    I went through the html view several times – each time I reposted the post, it did whatever the hell it wanted, which had no relationship at all to any paragraph marks or formatting that I typed! I’m also trying to figure out the incredibly complicated process for updating the blogroll…maybe it’s just what I’m used to, but WordPress seems like an awful lot of work and effort for not much return.

  3. susanfromseattle Says:

    yeah….it’s a pain in the ass, but I TRIED another blogger before and was totally turned off….. this is the best compromise I’ve seen yet.

  4. Saskboy Says:

    It’s possible to write all posts in HTML, which actually is easier since there are still buttons to make link and photo tags for instance. I see you gave up on WP, but it’s a better system than Blogger, and you can even Export your blog to save it to your computer in case of a serious problem like a hack attack.

  5. IVY Says:

    dont change this is best format,WP IS is the place to be

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