Reassessing Positions

Changes are afoot in Courtesan World… 


Livvy rethinks her rates, making herself available for shorter bookings and lowering the multiple-hour rate: 

So there you have it! The English Courtesan believes that after many months of minor tweaking, she has now found her equilibrium price, with a pricing strategy that is premium enough to place her as a Giffen good in the rockonomics league, equitable enough to encourage the like-minded and reasonable enough to encourage regular bookings where both parties are agreeable. 

Mandy also reconsiders rates, doing exactly the opposite – no short bookings at all, and everything more expensive, following in Kate  and Lara’s footsteps: 

I’m thinking more and more about this – how perhaps the whole point of moving into upscale whoring is that I can be me, I can be a lover whose time is purchased rather than a whore whose services are the product. What’s valuable about me is real me – Mandy is a lot more interesting and worth a lot more money for her time than the person I have pretended to be for my clients so far. 

Clandestine Call Girl hangs up the stilettos entirely: 

I don’t feel so anxious anymore. I don’t feel guilty, either. Telling the truth about where I am and what I am doing feels good, like a commodity I didn’t have before. Though I still have some personal issues to sort out, I feel emotionally available for a relationship. I don’t miss the nervousness and fear before seeing a client for the first time, in case he is a cop or worse. I would always wonder about it, second guess myself and often consider canceling due to nerves or turning around when I was half-way there. I am excited to no longer have to deal with fat, skid marks, sagging skin, bad breath, excess body hair, smelly crotches, stranger sweat, impotence, miniature dicks and old men. 

And Compartments switches focus to BDSM, so far having difficulty acquiring clientele (it’s early yet!): 

My phone number is not listed on my BDSM ad. Instead I’ve instructed anybody interested to send me a description of what they want me to do to them, along with the day and time they expect to meet. After that I send along my phone number.  

But it seems a lot of these guys just want to engage in kinky correspondence without ever meeting in person. 

Something’s definitely in the air.  


4 Responses to “Reassessing Positions”

  1. The English Courtesan Says:

    Thank you so much for the mention Courtesan Connection! You are right – there is definitely something in the air… 🙂

    Livvy xxx

  2. Nymphalidae Says:

    Couldn’t agree more. I wish some of the fellow bloggers had time to update their writings…but not everyone has as much time as I. LOL Oh well.

  3. NaughtyJessica Says:

    Is Livvy sure she wants to be a ‘good’ rather than a service provider, an object instead of an experience?

    Whatever she chooses, I doubt the Giffen model is what she’s aiming at, especially when she claims to be aiming at the premium sector. Giffen goods are purchased in greater quantities as price increases because they are basic necessities and spending more on them leaves less for luxuries. An example would be bread in the run-up to the French Revolution: as bread was a giffen good those who could bought more of it and went without meat.

    I think Livvy wants to be a Veblen good: a luxury item like a designer handbag or pretty lingerie. Whether a particular escort gives you more status because of her price, like a handbag is debatable. I’d imagine it’s a private pleasure like pretty lingerie.

    I wish her all the best.

  4. The English Courtesan Says:

    Didn’t we already have this debate on my blog, Jessica? You might want to read my response when you have a moment,

    Livvy xxx

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