From Tracy Quan

Tracy Quan lets us know that she’ll be on the radio tonight – check it out!

 CC (quoted text follows)

Hi everybody… Fox News beckons. I’ll be on The Alan Colmes Show (national in the USA) this Friday night, March 30, 11:00 pm New York Time It’s a round table that goes until 1:00 AM. We’ll take calls! Alan is on with three guests: a conservative*, a liberal*, and a “wild card.” (* If you find these categories a little puzzling, as I sometimes do, check out this fun quiz and website: ) I guess I am there to represent the voice of the wild card. This is a “free for all” current events show. There isn’t (yet) a sex work focus but you can influence that by calling in during the show: 1-877-367-2526 (1-877-FOR-ALAN) Wish me luck! Alan’s website:  You can listen online:  Or on your radio (find out how by clicking here):  And, if audio is not your thing, you can read my latest piece at Fifth Estate: 


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