Back in the Swing

Hi there – while I’m not exactly a new sheriff in town, I am now taking over this blog, as the creator no longer has the time and energy to make it happen!


I’ll be posting occasionally on matters of interest, but I’m largely hoping to continue the original blogger’s vision of this space as a place to make connections and serve as a clearing-house for information.  I’ll be updating the links list and looking for any other courtesan/prostitute/whore/sex-work related blogs to add, and I encourage you to add your submissions!  I’ll also be posting updates from blogs linked to this site – who is embarking on a new idea or way of doing business, who has a particularly great post this week, etc. 


It’s difficult to keep track of all the blogs, so please – nominate yourself! Send me links to your best post of the week! Let me know about new resources that should be shared!


Thank you, and happy blogging –


Courtesan Connection


4 Responses to “Back in the Swing”

  1. Gillette Says:

    Welcome, mysterious person. And thanks for taking over the job of maintaining this site.

  2. Fantasy Escort Says:

    It looks as though today was the perfect day for me to fid this blog! Not only do I have weeks of reading ahead of me while I look at all of the previous posts, but a new direction to begin in with a new author and manager. How exciting!

  3. S Says:

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  4. Scarlet Says:

    We’re so glad you have taken up this challenge..I know we are missing many friends who have moved on to the next stage..and I’m thrilled. Welcome.

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