This is getting ridiculous.

Does the United States really need to do all it can to be the laughing stock of world?

First we panic over cartoons, now we tell teenage girls not to mention a part of their body.

Does Canada accept “fleeing institutional stupidity” grounds for refugee status?

Oh and by the way, Principal Richard Leprine, glad you are doing your part to make sure these ladies are taught there are consequences for failure to obey orders. Am sure their future husbands will be happy the girls that go to your school know to move when men snap their fingers and properly respond to all commands, and don’t dare mention any of their inconvenient anatomical differences.

While this blog probably is not read by those who visit Abandoned Stuff, I would ask that all of you please do participate in his Vagina Challenge.

For those of you that are to lazy to go see the original link, the relevant part is quoted below.

The honor students, Megan Reback, Elan Stahl and Hannah Levinson, included the word during their reading of “The Vagina Monologues” because, “It wasn’t crude and it wasn’t inappropriate and it was very real and very pure,” Reback said.

Their defiant stand is being applauded by the play’s author, who said Tuesday that the school should be celebrating, rather than punishing, the three juniors.

“Don’t we want our children to resist authority when it’s not appropriate and wise?” said Eve Ensler, author of “The Vagina Monologues.”

The excerpt from “Monologues” was read Friday night, among various readings at an event sponsored by the literary magazine at John Jay High School in Cross River, a New York City suburb. Among the other readings was a student’s original work and the football coach quoting Shakespeare.

The girls took turns reading the excerpt until they came to the word, then said it together.

“My short skirt is a liberation flag in the women’s army,” they read. “I declare these streets, any streets, my vagina’s country.”
But Principal Richard Leprine said Tuesday that the girls were punished because they disobeyed orders, not because of what they said.

The event was open to the community, including children, and the word was not appropriate, Leprine said in a statement. He said the girls had been told when they auditioned that they could not use the word.

Reback said Tuesday that no one in the audience was younger than high school age. “What did we do that was so wrong?” she asked. “We were insubordinate, but the reason we were insubordinate was that we talked about our body.”

The school “recognizes and respects student freedom of expression,” Leprine said. “That right, however, is not unfettered.”

“When a student is told by faculty members not to present specified material because of the composition of the audience and they agree to do so, it is expected that the commitment will be honored and the directive will be followed,” he said. “When a student chooses not to follow the directive, consequences follow.”

Bob Lichtenfeld, superintendent of the Katonah-Lewisboro school district, which includes John Jay, said that had the teens, who are in their third year of high school, wanted to perform the play, they would probably not have met opposition.

“As long as the intended audience knows what to expect, we don’t have a problem with it.”


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