Stay of Execution

Sorry for the lack of change here folks.

What is up is I am dealing with some non-internet things that have prevented me from working on the blog, as well as getting several other things done. Again, nothing earth shattering or dire, but definitely time eaters.
Good news is that I have been emailed by some one interested in talking the blog over. So, that little issue hopefully will be worked out shortly. Bad news is I’m still behind on getting the links properly formatted and updated. I’m trying to accomplished that over the weekend.

Two people in particular, have offered me some encouraging words about staying with the blog and the writing I have done. They gave me a lot to think about, and really made a difference for me. I wish I had a more eloquent way of saying how much their notes meant to me other than “Thank you”. As I have yet to master the flowery phrase in a way that does betray my rather hokey roots, I’m afraid that will have to do.

I am going to need to step away from this blog and subject for awhile. I will keep writing, but I need to make some adjustments, deal with some issues, and make some changes. As you well know, life is like that. Someday I may return to this, but not right now.

So, drop dead date is now the Ides of March (15 March for those of you that forgot your Shakespeare). Hopefully I’ll avoid any daggers till then.
Take care.


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