You know you’ve blogged to much when…

I would assume this particular picture is not of any one who is on the blog roll here.

Early Blogger Picture

However I am told Note has been spotted with a robe. Where the robe was exactly in relation to his body there appears to be some confusion over, as well as who’s robe it was. We are looking for volunteers to assist the investigation into this and will report back as we learn more.


3 Responses to “You know you’ve blogged to much when…”

  1. The English Courtesan Says:

    Bloggers don’t get laid? Might I beg to differ? 😉

    As for Note’s robe, I didn’t spot it but I did note his rather fine pecs…

    Livvy xxx

    Wasn’t I who said that Livvy, but if you laid all the bloggers end to end, who would actually lay them? No volunteers yet to locate said robe, but considering his recent pics, I’m suspecting Note For Rent 2008 calendars to be a hot item next fall. Wish him well on his marketing prowess. – The Courtesan Connection

  2. The English Courtesan Says:

    Wahahah, yes, that’s a fair point Courtesan Connection – one would probably want to be selective regarding which bloggers one laid! Hmmm…thinks…I feel a post on ‘Livvy’s List of Lewd Layable Lords and Ladies of The [B]Loggosphere’ coming on…

    I do indeed wish young Note and his finely honed body parts the very Best of British with his prowesses… 😉

    Livvy xxx

  3. Note Says:

    Considering what short a period of time I was in that robe, it’s incredible that anyone spotted it at all.

    Cheers, girls.

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