Sex Work Issues – Get your two cents in

Over on PostGlobal, the joint Newsweek-Washington Post news site, a round-table online discussion on “Should prostitution be legal anywhere?” was opened up last week. Overall, the input from the panelists is disappointing, being, for the most part, the same stereotypes and assumptions regarding choices and morality being replayed by a male dominated panel. It is interesting to note the two women on the panel, Miriam Leitao, and Lamis Andoni are the most considerate of sex workers, though they take opposite views on decriminalization. The comments area for this discussion remains open for public posting. This seems a good venue for providers to weigh in with their thoughts on the matter. If you have a moment, make a visit and leave a comment.


One Response to “Sex Work Issues – Get your two cents in”

  1. Wanda Says:

    Thanks for the heads up. I posted a smarty-pants comment, then after seeing what Ingrid wrote, I added another, more serious comment. Posting your comments there is a good way to have your views read by the governing class.

    Thank you for stopping by Wanda. – The Courtesan Connection

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