Blogs – Who Writes the Best Blogs?

Last night as I was signing off, I was queried on Meebo by some one who wanted to know “Who writes the best blogs?” I really wasn’t feeling very well at the time, and with out thinking, begged them off with a promise to post within a day an answer.

However, the more I thought about this question, the more I realized I couldn’t really answer it. Right now, there are over two hundred sites on the entire blog roll. Most of which I have given just a quick glance to, as I have been concentrating on the mechanics of this site, as well as the few posts that have gone up over the past two weeks. Also what do you mean by “who writes the best blogs”? Do you mean who has the most technically perfect prose? Are you looking for the most exciting erotica? Do you want what blog is going to tell you the most about what it is like to be with an escort, or what goes through her mind when she is with a client? Or something else entirely?

I’ll give you my selections below. I apologize that I will be repeating names recently mentioned, but that is because these blogs have come to mean something to me. Not because any other blog is undeserving.

I would like to ask of you, the reader, to leave a comment with what blogs you like and why. If you would, please keep it between three and five blogs, and for at least the first three, limit it to sites listed on the blog roll. If you want, after noting those, include other blogs you find to be interest.

Now to answer your question Mr. Meebo.

The Courtesan Connection was set up principally to answer questions I had. So far in my reading, I have yet to find a blog that has failed to offer me some clue, insight or reinforcement where I did not feel I gained from the time spent reading. That being said, there are some that mean more to me than others.

Two blogs that are no longer are published I miss dearly, Moonlighting Escort and A Feenix Call Girl. Moonlighting was brash, brave, and upset quite a few, but she was honest, something important to me in writing. Melinda at Feenix Call Girl was the first person that really exposed for me what providers deal with and made it strike home. I wish I could have these blogs back. For sheer technical writing skill, Sophia Ong stands out. I seriously get scared reading Sophia. I feel like I am where words are made of the purest crystal, and that when I get to the end, Sophia will be there smiling, then drive a crystal knife into my heart. Sorry Sophia, you just intimidate me. Tracy Quan always makes me think. I do not always agree with her, (I think atheists need to be more militant for one thing) but I would not try to debate her without at least a year of preparation. I know Clandestine Call Girl is frequently mentioned amongst bloggers here, and soon, she will be gone, but I needed her words to see things I perhaps was being intentionally blind to. Amanda Brooks of Afterhours has turned into my guide, my Virgil and my Beatrice of Dante’s Divine Comedy. Lastly, Compartments, more than any other single author, has made me look at and face things that have been uncomfortable and unpleasant, but which I needed to see. She didn’t set out to do that, and others will take from her something different. However, I am very thankful to her for this.

Hopefully that answers your question. If not, wait for the comments, I am sure you will see something that fits what you are looking for.


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