Safety & Security: Don’t just read – DO

Look people,

The stats counter tells me many of you are looking at the post on Trolling. In fact, it tells me some of you have emailed links to the article, and it has been forwarded on to others, as I get hits from Yahoo Mail, AOL Mail, and Google Mail.

But what I don’t see happening is people clicking on the link for Hushmail or TOR.

It is hard for me to judge how serious any of you need to take security. But I have already seen four blogs close since the inception of this blog where the blogger indicated it was because some had or was trying to out them and I suspect there were at least two more.

There are plenty of articles out on the web that go into detail how easy it is to gather up personal information on people. Just because you have more than one nickname does not mean you are hidden. Read this three part article on Digital Breadcrumbs, done by a guy with not that much more computer knowledge than the average blogger, and see how easily information on multiple web sites can be used to identify who owns a particular email name, comments and posts. Then read this follow up article by Ethan Zuckerman on Anonymous Blogging.

Obviously, if you are were sex work is legal, or your blog is for marketing purposes, there are other considerations for you. But the majority of you are in places where what you are doing is illegal, and where there are real dangers involved. Need I remind you what went on in England, Vancouver, and other places?

Take care of yourself. Please.

The link that originally appeared here for Digital Breadcrumbs has been corrected. I apologize for any inconvenience.


One Response to “Safety & Security: Don’t just read – DO”

  1. susanfromseattle Says:

    The “other places” to which you link is Seattle. In some ways, Seattle is the most liberal city in the known universe. (Q: What’s the difference between Seattle and Moscow? A: Seattle still has a functioning Communist Party.) In other ways, we’re more prudish than the Vatican. Case in point: Sex. Sure, it’s a great city to be gay, lesbian, or transg. However, for run-of-the-mill hetero sex, we seem to be quite squeemish. Actual sex has to stay in the shadows, out of fear and out of disrespect.

    Hence, the Green River Killer. He managed to kill for YEARS. We still don’t know how many girls he killed. We’re not sure HE knows. He was a total killing machine, somewhat like a shark. But — and this is an important but — he managed to get away with it for so long in no small part because sex workers were totally trivialized and marginalized in society. No one “missed” a working girl. She could simply disappear, and no one noticed.

    If and when sex work is decriminalized, this might change. A working girl goes missing and it gets the same attention as, say, any other missing person. Until then, though, we’re just waiting for the next Green River Killer to realize that he can snatch girls, get away with it, and no one will notice.

    By the way, were you aware that Ted Bundy came from here, too?

    Actually Susan, at first I was reluctant to reference the Green River Killer, due to how close the location was to Vancouver, but considering the number of women murdered, and how he directly preyed on sex workers, it seemed appropriate. I had forgotten Ted Bundy started out west. That being said, it would be a sad and dangerous mistake for any one to think location brings safety. Please protect yourselves as best as you possibly can. – The Courtesan Connection

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