Exit, stage right…

Several things occured over the weekend, which have made me realize it is time for The Courtesan Connection to be handed off.  I had started trying to find some one to take it over last summer, and even with returning to posting in January, I still sought out some one to over the blog.  At the time, I thought finding a new owner could be done in a leisurely way, but that has changed.

So, no more posts up until I can make an announcement that some one, or perferably, some orgainzation, will be taking over The Courtesan Connection. I will be still working on correcting the format, as you being able to access the links collected here always has been the primary purpose of this site.

If for some reason there is no one to adopt this site, it will be closing on 1 March. I am sure if that does happen, there will be those who create something similar in the months ahead.

This is not for any reason of great trauma or crisis. There is no need for concern. This decision is based around reasons that are personal.

My best wishes to you all.

And to the idiot leaving the comment asking if I was CCG, try using both of your two viable brain cells at the same time to figure out the answer to that one.


Media – Amanda Brooks

Am told the correct link for the webcast of Amanda Brooks’s radio interview is here –


The interview is to run at 2pm Pacific time today (Saturday, 10 February). Tune in if you have time.

Social & Cultural Issues – Food for thought

Came across three articles online today, that I would like to you look at in the order I saw them. Please read each of them completely.

From the Guardian Unlimited – here is the first article

From The Sydney Morning Hearld – the second article

From TalkinTrash.com – the last article. This article takes the form of a presentation. Please read and play it all the way through.

Look forward to any comments or thoughts on this.

You know you’ve blogged to much when…

I would assume this particular picture is not of any one who is on the blog roll here.

Early Blogger Picture

However I am told Note has been spotted with a robe. Where the robe was exactly in relation to his body there appears to be some confusion over, as well as who’s robe it was. We are looking for volunteers to assist the investigation into this and will report back as we learn more.

Social and Cultural Issues – We don’t want your money, even if it cures cancer

It would appear even our dear liberal Canadian cousins can become a tad bit puritan.

From CBC News

Media – Blogger in the News – One of Our Own

Amanda Brooks of After Hours, and author of the new book The Internet Escort’s Handbook, will have a radio appearance this Saturday, 10 February 2007, at 2pm Pacific time, on Neighborhood Public Radio K205BM-FM which is at 88.9FM for those in the San Francisco Bay area.

Amanda is going to be interviewed by Carol Leigh (aka The Scarlot Harlot) and will have a live in-studio discussion with other sex workers.

A podcast should be available at http://www.neighborhoodpublicradio.org/ shortly after the show. I am not clear if shows are streamed online at the time of broadcast.

If you are in the area, listen in. If not, drop by the blog for her book and wish her well!

If you are a blogger in this community, and have a media event or public appearance coming up, please feel free to leave a comment. It will be a pleasure to let others know.

Sex Work – What does it mean?

I think Mandy sums it up nicely.