Safety & Security – Trolls are out

Okay folks, the trolls are out.

In trying to find links and information for this blog, I sometimes visit a few of the review boards and other sites. As you can imagine, this blog has been noted on several of them because of who it links to.

Unfortunately, some of the people on the review boards and other blogs aren’t able to handle some of the comments they see on the blogs, or become a bit overly curious about who writes what.

And then they start to troll.

Sometimes you can gather hints that this is what is going on. And it seemed to me over the past week, I was seeing these hints. Now I think it has gone from hints, to confirmed.

If you are a provider with a blog. Please be careful. Look over your blog once again for any personal information. Where you’ve gone, what you’ve done, who you’ve been with, where you advertise, anything at all that is information about you. Remove it. It is not needed and others don’t need to know.

Do searches on yourself. See who links to you and where you are referenced.

Do searches on stalking and cyberstalking and get ideas on how these people work.

Make sure the email address connected with the blog, even if not shared or published on the blog, is not used or shared with anyone else. Ideally, use Hushmail or another encrypted email system.

Use TOR, it is not difficult to install, and helps a great deal to obscure you from the more technically astute stalkers.

Finally, I have to encourage provider bloggers to consider making their blog “by invitation only”. Almost all the blogging sites provide a way where only certain people may have access to the blog. While I am pained on losing out on what people share here, your safety and security MUST come first. Limiting who can see what you say is one option you do need to consider.

See this post for other information and links on blogging anonymously.


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