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A new Web 2.0 site,, has its search bot out looking for bloggers. It’s goal is to set up Wiki pages for bloggers where readers will be able to see snap shots of the blogs, with reviews, comments and additional information.  It looks to be a very good marketing tool and resource as it develops.

Fair enough, as writing About pages is something many bloggers struggle with and can be quite a chore. The problem is that doesn’t stop with just the info on the blog.  It will search and correlate information and references that can reveal personal information about the blogger, including their full name, address with a map, and other personal data in order to create a wiki open for all to see, and it does this without informing the blogger of doing so.  Also, as the information gathered is set up as a wiki, it is open for any one to edit or change, including placing inaccurate or defamatory information on the site.

As of right now, AboutUs struggles with gleaning information from free hosted sites, such as, and LiveJournal. Blogs hosted on personal servers or registered domains are not so immune.

AboutUs provides OptOut information on this page, as well as instructions to code your pages so that its bot will ignore your site.

I recommend taking a hard look and a good read before it causes you trouble.


4 Responses to “Privacy & Security –”

  1. Elsa Says:

    Thanks for bringing this information to the community!


    You are most welcome Elsa. Thank you for sharing your blog. – The Courtesan Connection

  2. Amanda Says:

    I think too many people are going nuts over the technology without thinking of the consequences. Despite the comments below this article, I really think that the luxury of online anonymity will soon become very expensive. (This goes double for your other post on trolling/security.)

    everyone is famous on the Internet

    Interesting point Amanda. Are we prepared for, and willing to accept privacy becoming a luxury? What is even more interesting is just that idea points to those with wealth having more “rights” than those who are not wealthy. Not an idea I am comfortable with. Thanks for stopping by! – The Courtesan Connection.

  3. susanfromseattle Says:

    Like so many people with a “web” presence, I have to juggle that fine line between letting my dates have a bit of access to “who I am” before our date, and yet not having so much access that it crosses the boundary into my “daylight life”. leave me a little queezy. Thanks for bring it to my attention.

    Thank you for visiting Susan, and am happy to add you to the blogroll here. – The Courtesan Connection

  4. Amanda Says:

    Not to make fun of what you said, but the wealthy have always had more rights than those who cannot afford it.

    The latest trend in high-end travel is ultra-luxe, ultra-private getaways. I can’t remember where I read it, but there was a travel article in the last couple years about privacy being the new luxury (the article convinced me!).

    Personal privacy should never be a luxury item, it should be a right. But I don’t see trends heading that way.

    Is not making fun to say the truth Amanda, and you are quite right. The only question is are those who are losing their privacy, aware of what is occurring, and allowed a say in the matter? And I concur regarding the trend for less and less privacy – The Courtesan Connection

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