Morning the Dead … Blogs

Has been a rather interesting week with this blog. First I was offered the chance to make it part of a Ph. D. project where it would take center stage. Then some technical issues, probably from me doing something bone-headed, had things screwed up for much of Tuesday and Wednesday. The rain on the parade continued to fall when I was told the Ph. D. thing was dead, with a hint it was due to the politics of the subject matter. A rather cryptic comment on the blog I still don’t know what to make of shows up next, finally to end the week with getting the Blogroll back to a somewhat organized state.

So now, as you scroll down, you can tell what blogs are current (Blogs from Men, Blogs from Women) what blogs are not (Abandoned Blogs, Retired Blogs) and what links fit in other ways. does not easily allow me to place the categories in the way which I would prefer, but I hope for readers and other bloggers, this index will be some what more useful.

Doing this, has given me a great deal of satisfaction, but has also proved painful as well. The pain has come from how many blogs I’ve had to move to the Dead Blog list. Three in particular, I am very sad to see gone. Feenix Call Girl was perhaps one of the most interesting blogs in this genre, and lead me to many of the other blogs listed here. Much like Clandestine Call Girl’s blog, Feenix Call Girl was brutally honest about her thoughts and feelings. Her candor was very enriching and provided much food for thought. Low Profile Girl and Sophia Ong were some of the first people to take note of and link to this blog. While Sophia still publishes as part of the Demimonde Salon, I will miss her individual blog. Low Profile Girl seems gone with out a trace, which I am sure is her wish, but she will be missed.

Because at least one of the blog addresses for a dead blog has been taken over by an impostor to drive hits to their scam sites, Dead Blogs will now be handled as such. As long as the blog is listed or referred to on another site or blog, the blog will appear in the Dead Blogs list, with the blogs title listed. The Blogroll link will point to the Dead Blogs page on this site, where again the Dead Blogs will be listed, along with the address they once appeared at. However, no link will be made to that address, to prevent and discourage link hijacking and impostors.

Hopefully, that category will not grow often or quickly, but such is time and life. Things end for many reasons, and in many ways. Not every book ever written is still in print, not every word written may still be read. Those who tried, offered and gave something of themselves in publishing their blog. For the moment, that effort can be acknowledged here.


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