Women: Want better sex? Get rich!

Making the rounds of the blogosphere is a post in The Wealth Report blog by Robert Frank in The Wall Street Journal Online summing up a survey indicating the wealthy have “better sex” than the non-wealthy.

The survey, authored by “wealth consultant” hottie Hannah Grove and released by Prince & Associates, is interesting in many respects. Not suprisingly, the definition of “better sex” reflects gender stereotypes, with men defining “better sex” as “more frequent sex and a greater variety of partners” while women favored a definition of “overall excellence of the experience”. However, the women surveyed had twice the rate of extra-marital affairs than the commonly-accepted average, (75% of the surveyed women as opposed to 50% of the surveyed men) and had over twice the the male membership rate in the Mile High Club.

Frank in the WSJ article and Grove in her study, both bring up the idea that wealth for women is a larger factor in their self-esteem than for men. Frank goes on to quote New York sex therapist Ian Kerner stating wealthy women “have a strong sense of identity and they know they don’t have to be inhibited about communicating their needs. It’s about the confidence and power and opportunity that comes with having a lot of wealth.” Notice the words – “confidence and power and opportunity”.

Sort of challenges the idea of the virtuous maiden being the one with high-self esteem, doesn’t it?

To obtain a free PDF of the study summary, see the link on the WSJ site.


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