A picture is worth… a novel?

Ellen Forney summarizes points learned from Tracy Quan in this illustration.How to become a successful callgirl - by Ellen Forney

Some words about what is going on in the blogs soon.


2 Responses to “A picture is worth… a novel?”

  1. The English Courtesan Says:

    Just to wish you the warmest of welcomes back! Love the cartoon by the way but ‘Cherie’ – would that be a hilarious comment on UK politics or am I reading a little too much into that? 🙂

    I’m so pleased you’re blogging again and will be looking forward to reading your latest!

    Livvy xxx

    Thank you Livvy, is nice to be back. Now if I can just get the links organized. As far as the political implications of that illustration, any similarity between it and real life is the sole responsibility of the original artist. – The Courtesan Connection

  2. Séverine Sérizy Says:

    Hi! Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog and adding me to your blogroll. I just reciprocated (at least I hope I did – I’m not very good at all this technical crap). If it wasn’t so late, I would write a better comment, but I need to get to bed, so this lame one will have to do for now.


    Your comment is not lame, and it is a pleasure to have found your blog Séverine! Thank you for stopping by! – The Courtesan Connection

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