Computer Insecurity leads to jail

Some of you have let me know you’ve changed some of your computer habits to be more secure. For those of you that have not, read this article.

There is no good reason for any one that is online not to have a virus scanner and a fire wall set up. Most of you are using Windows XP, and can download these from Microsoft. Install them, enable them, and use them regularly. Most of these products can be set up to run when you are sleeping or will be away from your computer.

No, you won’t be protected from every thing. Spammers, crackers and other bad people are quite inventive, determined, and grow more and more sophisticated in their tools and approaches. However, the more time and effort that is required to exploit your computer, the more attractive some one else’s may look.


3 Responses to “Computer Insecurity leads to jail”

  1. glengarryleads Says:

    Apple Macintosh. Firewall is built-in…The computer does not advertise its presence on the internet (unlike windows) and very few viruses exist for the Mac.

    Kudos to you Glen. On Linux myself, but OS preference is beside the point. If the article is to be believed, that entire snafu was the result of poor security and maintenance. A lot of agony and expense would have been avoided by an hour’s investment. – The Courtesan Connection.

  2. niadarkandlovely Says:

    What a scary article. Thanks for adding me to your blogroll.

    It is a pleasure to have your site listed here Nia. Thank you for dropping by. – The Courtesan Connection

  3. naisioxerloro Says:

    Good design, who make it?

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