Hiatus and Literature

Unfortunately, this blog remains on hiatus, as I continue to deal with a very strange summer. Most writers, whether they be amateur or professional, tend to be observers not just of their environment, but of themselves. Looking through the lens at my life as it has unfolded in the past several weeks, I find myself chuckling, as it seems to be ripped from a very bad soap opera. But that is for another site and another time.

As I have not been able to update and add to the blogroll as much as I would wish, readers may want to look at the similar list Compartments has created.

For those of you who visit here, whether it be your first visit, or a return, I would ask your assistance on a project. I’d like to create a list of all books written by practicing or former prostitutes. The book itself does not have to be on a prostitution related subject, as long as the author can be clearly identified as having worked in the sex trade at one point. Please leave any information as a comment to this post. Thank you!

NB – The original text of this post indicated this blog had been removed from Compartments’ blogroll. Her comment corrected me. Thank you Compartments!