DC Diatribe

I have heard many times over the years Washington DC is “the” place for escorting in the United States. Between the embassies, military, lobbyists, and of course, the politicians, it would seem there would be a good stock pile of possible customers.

However, I had not found any blogs by DC area providers, till I came across this.

I’m guessing it will be at least one more week before it is taken down or makes the front page of the news.

UPDATE: Seems former CIA Director Porter Goss has been linked to a prostitution/bribery/poker ring. Amazing how these things seem to happen to the God-Anointed Party of Good Christian Moral Values.

UPDATE 2: Wonkette has a summary here. And Harper’s Magazine has more here. Evidently this will continue to spread as numerous news reports indicate the FBI has served search warrants on the home and office of the former No. 3 official of the CIA. I wonder if they pulled the agents from Attorney General Gonzales’s Anti-Porn task force?


2 Responses to “DC Diatribe”

  1. Keakealani Says:

    Stumbled on your blog and found lots of interesting links. I too am a fan of CCG and she is one strong cookie. Keep up the nice blog, I have you bookmarked!

  2. Tracy Quan Says:

    Hello and thank you — for linking to my blog and for linking to the NSWP site. I’m a member of NSWP (www.nswp.org) and appreciate your collection of links. Abandoned blogs are especially intriguing to me. I wish had time to do some guest-blogging… This is a nice idea. Take care!

    Very nice to have you Ms. Quan. Your Salon.com series and the following book led directly to this site, as they peeked my interest in this subject and the issues faced by those working in this occupation. I am glad in the infancy this project is in, that you have found some things of value. – The Courtesan Connection

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