Hanging tough

Clandestine Call Girl (CCG) has decided to continue to post. I am happy about that, though some what still concerned. CCG is a very good writer, and does not fear to look at things about herself, her life, and her decisions in a way that is insightful and very critical. Nor is she afraid to write about people and events in a forthright manner. Being brutally honest requires thought, insight, and a willingness to accept your own flaws and responsibility. It is not something that comes naturally to most. CCG has nurtured that in her writing. I’m glad she will continue to share what she writes.

Jane of Fallen Girl Falling has returned from a hiatus. Her blog certainly is one to watch. I’m looking forward to her posts and continued development. It is nice to move a blog out of “Inactive Blogs” and not to “Dead Blogs”. Welcome back Jane!

Just Another Escort of “Compartments” has opened up her blog. The hints of great stories to tell of the past and a future certainly are enticing. Much as I await the results of Sophia’s chess game, this appears to be quite enticing.

More and more, I find myself amazed at the breadth of Note’s blog. I am still at the point where I have to read in depth many of the blogs listed here. But since Note was kind enough to leave a few comments, and link here, I have made it a priority to read his. I would not be surprised if to see a book deal come his way this year.

So, now what? Well, I’m continuing with trying to get some administrative things done with this blog. The “Links Policy” and “Link Exchange Info” under “About” are part of that. I also am working on an FAQ to make some things clear (though in fact I have no real questions to respond to). Also, I am going through the blogs as I can to identify common themes, topics and issues to be highlighted and brought up. Unfortunately, I have limited time and even more limited computer time. So this process is proving to be slower than I would wish. A “Suggestions” page will be up shortly in the “About” section. Please feel free to leave your thoughts, ideas and feedback there when it does not fit with any other post or page.


One Response to “Hanging tough”

  1. jane Says:

    Thank you for the welcome. And I should mention that I owe my return to Note. If it weren't for him, I would still be leaving my scribbles in a little black Moleskine.

    You are most welcome Jane.  Note is quite the guy. Reading him gives you the impression he's some one that could brow-beat three thousand people into dancing the Hustle and make them all glad they were doing it. – The Courtesan Connection 

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