The light of a new Moon

Moonlighting is closing her blog.

Evidently after her comment on CCG’s blog, some individuals took it upon themselves to prove to her how easily she could be identified. The amount of effort they spent, and were willing to continue to spend, as well as the implied threat to her privacy, were enough to cause Moonlighting concern.

Now comes the additional fallout. How many other providers with blogs will close their blog? How many more will censor what they have to say, simply because they wish some privacy? I cannot see CCG continuing her blog after this, and I would not expect they will be the only two.

Perhaps Moonlighting did have a false sense of security regarding how well her identity was cloaked. I wonder in driving that point home until she felt harassed, vulnerable, and frightened really did any good. Or perhaps those who sent the emails felt they were somehow morally and intellectually superior.

What I see is another voice silenced. More stories lost, more words unspoken. Another chance to see, learn and grow destroyed by pettiness and ignorance.

You are precious Moonlighting, you will be missed.

2 Responses to “The light of a new Moon”

  1. Blayne Says:

    People who gag others only hurt themselves. As a writer who was also “silenced”, I happen to know that although my stories don’t get told as they should, I still get to write them down and enjoy their creation. (As do my closest friends and “fans”.)

    Imagine a world without anyone who could inspire us with their art. This is the world these people are building.

    Glad I don’t have to live in it. I for one wouldn’t last very long in such a place.

    Interesting comment Blayne, and while I agree with your sentiments, unfortunately, it seems we all have to live in the same world. I’d love the option of emigrating to The Planet of Nice People myself, but baring that, I believe I need to try to make this one as close to that ideal as possible. Silence is a choice. Speaking out, even if it is “just blogging” is a fight against those who would gag thoughts, ideas, and words not of their liking. – The Courtesan Connection 

  2. Kate Says:

    Thats always the case.

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