The future as we make it

I had a brief email exchange with Sophia this week asking for her feedback on the direction of this blog and what has been done so far. She had a very interesting idea on making this blog into sort of a feed, where it would provide the latest and greatest posts from the highlighted bloggers.

Initially, I did not think that would be something I would be able to do. Ideally, that probably would be an AJAX mashup, combining a blog layout with RSS feeds from the listed blogs, similar in form to what the Punterlink & Escort blog sites already do with their in-house content. To do that from scratch would be beyond my abilities. Now I’ve found out Plum seems to be moving toward offering just such a system. They are not yet in public beta, but I certainly will be watching. Then again, maybe I’ll win the lottery and be able to hire some one as tech savvy as Jet Set Laura to run things. However, if you read this and know of any other options, please leave a comment.

A tip of the hat to Low Profile Girl, who would appear to have started before me in gathering many of the links that appear here. Her focus is slightly different from this blog, so for those readers who are providers, and those seeking to be clients, reviewing her blogroll would be a good place to start. She also has set up what I consider a very good template for blogs dealing with adult subjects. I had already started on the drafts of something similar to what she has set up. This blog while still on will slowly move to a format comparable to hers.


3 Responses to “The future as we make it”

  1. lowprofilegirl Says:

    Thank you for the wonderful compliment. It’s wonderful to hear from a kindred spirit.
    Your are most welcome LPG, and thank you! – The Courtesan Connection

  2. RoxyFoxy Says:

    Hi, just to say thank you for adding my site. I will put a link back on mine. Just learnt how to do it !!

    Love N Light

    Roxy xx

    Thank you Roxy. Nice having you here and very nice reading your blog.  – The Courtesan Connection

  3. Low Profile Girl Says:

    ( LPG left me a pointer to the post on her blog about The Courtesan Connection. )

     Thank you LPG, I did see what you wrote and very much appreciate the kind words. Keep up with the good work! – The Courtesan Connection

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