Links are work!

Well, with some of the free time I had on the weekend and Monday, I was able to do some searches for links of interest to this site. I ended up adding over thirty different links, which I hope helps provide readers with different references and perspectives on sex-workers and the issues of prostitution.

I am finding that the categories I have set up to deal with links probably need to be revised. Many blogs, while having very good posts, have not been updated in quite awhile, and are probably defunct. So eventually, a category will be set up for those. Also, there are a few sites, some not added yet, which are related to subjects here in a tangential way. Coming up with criteria that would allow me to include the most relevant, without overwhelming the site with to many links to be useful, is proving to be daunting.

I have sent in feedback to requesting they add the capability to add in,, and Internet Content Rating Association ratings to both the entire blog and individual posts. I have no idea how this will be received. I am not a fan of filtering software or censoring content. But I do believe what a child should be exposed too should be a decision left to that child's parents. I suspect eventually the evolving tagging format will supersede content rating, but at the moment, rating systems offer the most unobtrusive means to responsibly participate in the Internet community.

On a personal note,  thank you to Melissa Gira of for being the first person to add this blog to  It was on my to-do list, but hadn't quite got there yet. However, I did manage to add it to

Now if I could just get to, too, and two consistently right…


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