Delayed reaction

Like so many other bloggers, I have found that I am not able to do as much with this blog as I originally intended. There is one post patiently waiting in Drafts, plus two more on the computer in very rough draft form, and five or six posts in the idea stage bouncing around my head. All those coming from the themes, ideas, issues and observations found on the blogs noted on the side. There are several more blogs that I have found that I really need to look closer upon, yet, I remain remiss in getting this done. Real life intrudes like that, and probably will not give up on intruding for quite awhile. Therefore, do not expect much in the way of my posts to appear for a few more months.

However, I would like to welcome Sophia Ong to this collection of blogs. It is very nice to see her leave a comment so her blog would be noted here. Thank you Sophia!

Also, thank you to Moonlighting Escort for being the very first blog to add The Courtesan Connection to their blogroll. It is greatly appreciated.

Finally, a much delayed thank you to Chartreuse for the mention in her article. Chartreuse’s link actually appeared within forty-eight hours of the original opening of this blog, and continues to drive a significant amount of traffic to it. The points made in her article are well presented, and definitely food for thought for any blogger dealing with "adult" subjects and issues, particularly considering the current social and political atmosphere in the United States. It still seems all of the free blogging sites provide no options for RSAC ratings to be assigned to the blog or posts on the blog, preventing writer from at least having the option of complying with content rating systems. I hope soon this will change, as it is obvious adult themes are not going to suddenly disappear from the content of the blogosphere.


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