What in the world?

Hello! If you blundered on to this blog, you are probably wondering what was going through my mind to even start it. Well, here is your answer.The 'world's oldest profession', that is, prostitution, is a subject that remains a huge taboo in most of the world. While society knows it goes on, with very few exceptions, it does its best to pretend it does not, and makes some effort to keep it underground, if not eliminate it. The reasons for that are many, morals, health issues, concern about the exploitation of women, and just flat out repugnance. From time to time, the learned and the not so learned speak out about it, and offer up studies, papers and laws that very rarely offer anything different from conventional wisdom on the subject. Strikingly, what has been missing in most cases is the point of view of those who are the actual providers. The men and women who exchange sex for money.

The internet has opened up many forums where those in this industry (and it is an industry) can and have been discussing many of the issues that affect their lives and occupations. There have been email lists, such as the relatively famous WhoreNet, discussion boards, first on USENET, and then on almost any public forum, and now blogs.

This blog is to be a collection of the blogs maintained by those who are prostitutes. Basically a big blogroll. It is not a forum to advertise services, or solicit clients. Sorry, but I'm not rich enough to afford the legal fees that come with that. It is for blogs where the things that these people think about, deal with, and what they share about their life can be found. Hoping that in reading them, some stereotypes and over-generalizations are examined and found to be useless and untrue, or perhaps reinforced, and other insights gained. Therefore if your blog is strictly for advertising purposes, do not submit it, and if I find your content focused solely on soliciting business, it will probably be deleted.
So, if you are a provider, male or female, and you come across this, and have a blog, leave the link in the comments. I'll try to get it up within a week. For now, I am adding links as I find them, and will comment from time to time here on articles and postings that should be given special note. I will be adding in an adult rating to this blog as soon as I figure out how, as I do think this is a topic that requires some discretion and maturity. Comments are moderated, as I do not have the desire or time to deal with spam and hate mail. There are plenty of other venues for that.

So, take a look at what is there, read, consider, and I hope you enjoy some of what these people have written, and found some things to think about as well.

Best wishes!